Youths told to stay away from old factory

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A spate of criminal damage in Wragby has led to police issuing a warning to youths in the area.

Following a number of incidents of criminal damage at the derelict beehive works in Louth Road police are urging youngsters to stay away from the area and calling on parents to check where their children have been.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of break ins at the premises and small fires have been lit.

PC Duncan Bustin, said, “It appears that local young people are using the Beehive Works as an area to play or hang out in.

“Entering this building without permission is burglary and anyone found on the premises may be arrested and dealt with robustly.

“I am urging parents to speak to their children and ensure they understand that, for their own safety, they must not trespass onto these premises”.