Worrying time as child finds mystery capsules

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AN AFTERNOON’s baking turned out to be a nightmare moment for one Market Rasen mother.

Tara Cason and her seven-year-old daughter Charlotte set about their baking session, unaware of the worrying discovery they were about to make.

As Mrs Cason poured icing sugar into a mixing bowl, Charlotte spotted the 13 large powder-filled capsules that had dropped from the box.

The capsules, said Mrs Cason were “a tiny bit smaller and slimmer than a cod liver oil tablet” and contained a sandy-coloured powder.

Mrs Cason had bought the sealed box of Silver Spoon sugar at the town’s Tesco store in Linwood Road that day.

After contacting Tesco, Mrs Cason, 31, also informed the police of her find.

An investigation was launched and last Tuesday a man was arrested in Suffolk on suspicion of product contamination.

The 41-year-old has since been released on police bail, pending further enquiries, until September 21.

Tests are now being carried out to find out what the capsules contain.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police confirmed the packet of icing sugar has been sent off for analysis”.

“Lincolnshire Police received a complaint at around 10.40am on Monday, June 20, that a member of the public had found a suspicious substance in a packet of icing sugar on Sunday, June 19,” he said.

“The Silver Spoon icing sugar, which was purchased at Market Rasen Tesco in Linwood Road, Market Rasen, was recovered by Lincolnshire officers and sent off for analysis

“Initial tests show that the substance is not believed to be harmful, but further work is being done to establish its exact nature.

“Silver Spoon has not recalled the product at this stage as it is not deemed necessary.

“Anyone who finds any suspicious substances in any product should always call their local police force immediately.”

It is believed this is an isolated incident.

A spokesman for Silver Spoon, which is based in Suffolk, said the company was aware of the incident and was co-operating with the police investigation.

He would not, however, confirm whether the person arrested was an employee.