Warrant executed to remove weaponry from Faldingworth site

Skydock in Faldingworth
Skydock in Faldingworth

Police and Home Office officials have executed a warrant to remove weapons from the former RAF Faldingworth site primarily occupied by explosive test facility Skydock.

Following the Home Office revocation of the Section 5 (Firearms Act) licence held by the Registered Firearms Dealer at Faldingworth, a joint operation involving Lincolnshire Police and military firearms experts is underway to execute a warrant to seize firearms being stored on the site and which are subject to the Home Office Revocation Order.

This will take a number of days to complete.

The Home Office issue and revoke S5 licences under the Firearms Act.

Lincolnshire Police is leading the operation.

Deputy Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Gary Knighton says there is a significant amount of work to do on the site. “Following the revocation of the S5 Licence by the Home Office, we are seizing the weapons subject to the revocation to maintain their security and ensure public safety”.

No one is under arrest.

Skydock has explosive testing facilities for the military, bomb proof bunkers and firing ranges, which can test 40mm machine guns.

The site has in the past been the subject of complaints from locals about noise.