Warned about monument in Wragby

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Young people in Wragby are being warned of the potential consequences if they damage a Scheduled Monument.

Wragby Rout Yard, located at the end of Cemetery Road, is the site of the remains of a medieval manor complex and features two moated islands with associated ditch enclosures.

The site is protected by English Heritage and is scheduled under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 meaning that anyone who damages it in any way can face prosecution and a hefty fine.

Concerns were raised on 27 June after a group of teenagers were discovered digging the earthworks with spades in an attempt to create a skate board ramp.

Horncastle Police Station’s Neighbourhood Sergeant Sergeant Alasdair Booth, , said, “There may be young people living in the village who simply don’t realise that they are doing anything wrong. These historical monuments are of national importance and must be protected for future generations to enjoy so we want to educate youngsters in the village, encourage them to value this significant heritage and understand that such damage won’t be tolerated”.

Several initiatives aimed at tackling Heritage Crime have been instigated by Wolds area officers this summer including a crack down on illegal metal detecting practices, known as ‘Nighthawking’ and the launch of a Churchwatch scheme.

Lincolnshire Police’s Chief Constable, Richard Crompton, is the ACPO lead in Heritage Crime.

Anyone with information about the damage caused at Wragby Rout Yard on 27 June is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300 quoting incident number 496 of 27 June.