VIDEO: Brigg man jailed after filming dog maul a ferret which he forced to fight

A man has been jailed for four months for filming a dog maul a ferret to death after making them fight.

Guy Capp, 25, of Hawthorne Avenue in Brigg, filmed the ferocious fight, which resulted in the ferret’s death, and the RSPCA discovered the footage which they described as “right at the top of the scale of cruelty”.

Jazz has been seized by the RSPCA and is now enjoying a better life

Jazz has been seized by the RSPCA and is now enjoying a better life

Capp kept two dogs for hunting animals including foxes, rabbits and badgers, North Lincolnshire Magistrates’ Court heard.

Capp’s dogs, a terrier called Pip and bull lurcher called Jazz, were eventually seized after Capp was caught by a policeman who found him and another man on a farm track, believing they were digging for badgers.

Rachel Taylor, prosecuting, explained that the dogs were examined by a vet and found to have 50 old facial scars, while Pip had 10 recent ones and also had crusty eyes.

At the hearing, Capp admitted:

* Causing unnecessary suffering to a female brown terrier type dog called ‘Pip’ and a female black and white bull lurcher type dog called ‘Jazz’ by failing to provide proper and necessary veterinary care and attention for their wounds and conjunctivitis

* Keeping animals for use or in connection with an animal fight

* Causing unnecessary suffering to a domestic ferret by placing it with a dog to be fought

* Causing an animal fight to take place between a dog and a ferret

Capp has also been ordered to pay £600 costs within 28 days of his release from prison.