Under siege

Hemswell Cliff EMN-180525-152414001
Hemswell Cliff EMN-180525-152414001

Police have vowed to take action against a gang of ‘feral kids’ who are terrorising residents in Hemswell Cliff.

According to Graham Prestwood, chairman of Hemswell Cliff Parish Council, gang members are smashing windows, jumping on cars, starting fires, throwing metal bars, vandalising property, and 
generally causing mayhem.

He claims the gang live in two homes in Hemswell Cliff and are ‘out day and night’ causing trouble.

Coun Prestwood said: “They are some youths who are determined not to be stopped.

“They see it as a big game.

“They are feral kids, in my opinion.”

Coun Prestwood intimated the situation has got so bad there is a police presence in Hemswell Cliff day and night.

He praised the work Lincolnshire Police are doing to bring the youths under control.

He said: “Police are doing all they can.

“It is not as simple as ‘carting’ a gang of youths off.

“They will get a handle on it.”

Coun Prestwood also stressed that it is not just down to police to restore order.

He said: “West Lindsey District Council and the police are trying hard.

“The parish council is fairly powerless but we can put pressure on the right people.

“It is a team effort.”

Coun Prestwood stressed that the actions of the youth gang have had a detrimental effect on other aspects of daily life.

He claims housing, business, education and recreation are all suffering.

Coun Prestwood said: “It is reflecting badly on house prices at the minute - who would buy a house at Hemswell Cliff?

“The industrial estate has been affected terribly - the youths are scaring off customers. Parents are moving their kids out of the school.

“Children are joining the gang and those that don’t join are being (verbally) abused by the gang on their way to school. The youths have ripped off the signs and smashed up two bins at our £110,000 ball park.”

Inspector Nigel Key, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for West Lindsey, said: “We are working closely with WLDC and a number of other agencies to address the causes for the anti-social behaviour rise the community of Hemswell Cliff is currently seeing.

“We would urge residents experiencing the issues to engage with the local police.”

A WLDC spokesman said: “We are aware of the issues in the Welton and Hemswell district which is disrupting the lives of residents.

“It involves a small number of individuals and the police, the county council’s youth services, and West Lindsey District Council are working together to target the problem.

“We don’t accept any anti-social behaviour or criminal damage of this kind, whoever the individuals are, and residents can be assured that we are working to resolve the problem.”

WLDC installed CCTV in January to stop anti-social behaviour in Hemswell Cliff.