Turning up the heat on drinking drivers

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DRIVERS across the county are being reminded to think before they drink as Lincolnshire Police launch their summer drink and drug drive campaign.

With a long hot summer forecast, police will be carrying out roadside checks at all times of the day, including the mornings.

Last year in Lincolnshire, 120 people failed or refused to provide a sample during the month of June alone and since April 2010 more than 17,000 people have been tested and 1,163 people were prosecuted.

Using FIT (Field Impairment Test) officers will be testing drivers for the effects of drugs as well as drink during this campaign.

“We remind drivers that the risks run by committing this offence has far reaching consequences, hundreds of people die needlessly because of their actions and the effects on their own families, liberty and livelihood should be taken into consideration,” said John Siddle of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership.

Information from the public will also be acted upon to ensure those people who drive whilst under the influence of drink or drugs will be stopped and put before the Courts.

Lincolnshire Police Collision Investigator PC Mark Hamilton said: “Although socially unacceptable, drinking and driving continues to blight the lives of the people of Lincolnshire.

”With this continued effort to make people aware of the danger they pose to others and themselves we hope to see further reductions in drink and drug driving occurrences and make the roads of Lincolnshire safer for all.”