Thousands of drugs in conspiracy case

A Barnetby man faces two drugs conspiracy charges involving more than 84,000 tablets and 3,800mls of testosterone, Grimsby Crown Court has heard.

Keith Philips, 30, of Kings Road, has been charged with conspiring with others to fraudulently evade a prohibition on the importation of class B drugs and class C drugs between March 1, 2011 and March 16 last year.

The court hear how it is in relation to the following class B drugs: 13,650 methylphenidate tablets, 95.125g of amphetamine and 60 codeine tablets.

And class C drugs: 6,764 stanozolol tablets, 5,235 lorazepam tablets, 3,489 diazepam tablets, 34,591 alprazolam tablets, 20,000 methyltestosterone tablets, 400, methandienone tablets, 107 temazepam tablets, 100 clonazepam tablets, 3,890ml of testosterone and 25mls of trenbolone.

Mr Philips is due to enter a plea at Grimsby Crown Court on Friday, September 6.

A provisional date for a trial has been set for Monday, November 11.

It is estimated a trial would last about five to seven days.

The case has been adjourned.