Thieves target Caistor business

THIEVES have caused up to £1,000 worth of damage following a buglary at a warehouse in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Two men gained access to Toppers Warehouse in Caistor after climbing over metal security fencing and breaking through a corrugated iron roof.

They then smashed the internal warehouse door and took £200 from the office.

Owner Rob Salthouse said: “We’re looking at having to pay £1,000 to fix the damage caused and improve our security.

“Unfortunately with us being a local business we have to do our best to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again because we would have to increase prices.

“We want to keep our prices low and don’t want to have to punish our customers in that way.”

The A46 by-pass where Toppers is located, was also targeted by thieves in December last year after a flat bed truck was stolen from a grass verge across from the warehouse.

“It’s not an area usually associated with crime,” Rob added. “But it is quite secluded and they’ve taken their chance and gone over the fence.”

Lincolnshire Police are appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 101 with incident number 125.