Stolen school property found dumped

THIEVES broke into an outside storage shed at a school and stole a quantity of sports equipment at the weekend.

The offence happened sometime between Friday evening and Monday morning at Osgodby Primary School.

Most of the stolen equipment has now been retrieved however after a parent found it dumped in a bridleway about a mile from the camps.

The school are now looking at CCTV to see if the offenders were caught on camera.

Staff at the school are also appealing to anyone who finds sports, or play equipment in the Osgodby area to return it to them.

Police have also issued a warning to anyone using outside storage.

Officers are asking residents to be vigilant with the security of their sheds. The advice given is if items are of high value do not keep them in the shed, keep them if possible in a secure garage, consider using security lights and/or a shed alarm.

Inspector Gary Stewart said: “Not only is the advice to ensure your property is kept secure, but also to report any incidents to the police.”

Anyone who notices suspicious behaviour is asked to call Lincs Police on 0300 111 0300.