Senseless vandals wreck Rase Park

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MARKET Rasen’s cricket club was targeted by vandals at the weekend.

The new covers - only delivered in April this year - had been deliberately slashed, together with the sightscreen at the River Rase end of the Rase Park ground.

It is assumed the absence of games this weekend allowed the vandals time and opportunity to do the damage sometime overnight on Saturday into Sunday.

“All of the town’s major sporting institutions are on the rise; from Market Rasen & Louth RFC’s confident progression to Midlands 1 East, the Football Club adapting to life in the Lincolnshire League and the Cricket Club attracting quality players and completing substantial projects,” said Andy Richley, second team captain and the club’s website administrator.

“With the Business Improvement Group’s success at turning Market Rasen into a Portas Pilot town and local businesses expanding, things have rarely seemed brighter in the town during the last decade.

“Against this backdrop, the destruction at Rase Park seems even more senseless and ill-judged and it can only be hoped that the hooligans responsible realise the impact their actions have on the community as a whole and that they are swiftly brought to justice.”

Police are investigating the incident and anyone with information on the vandalism can call them on 101.