scared mums call for urgent action

MOTHERS too frightened to let their children play outside say urgent action is needed to tackle drugs, crime and anti-social behaviour on their ‘Shameless’ estate.

Young mothers from Market Rasen’s new De Aston Park estate fear they will be forced to leave the housing trust homes they moved into 18 months ago unless the authorities act now.

They say they have to put up with endless screaming and shouting, abusive language, knife crime and drug addicts and dealers – despite being told the Willingham Road estate was a ‘nice family area’.

One of the mothers, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “I don’t want my children being brought up surrounded by this behaviour – it’s not safe.

“Sometimes the children cannot get to sleep because of the endless shouting and screaming and door slamming at the small hours of the morning.”

A knife incident on the estate a few weeks ago has left mothers scared to even let their children play outside.

One mother said: “We’re all really concerned about the children playing out – we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

“Since the incident with the knife, I haven’t seen any kids playing in the street.

“I’ve been in tears because I was so upset and frustrated by the situation – no matter how many calls I make nothing seems to change.”

The mothers went on to say they have made countless phone calls to Linx Housing Trust, as well as the police and social services – but so far nothing has changed.

Another mother said: “We all moved here because our children are our main concern and it seemed like a nice family area. But the problems started as the houses filled up.

“At first we were told that people who caused problems would be evicted straight away, but that hasn’t happened.

“Someone needs to take responsibility for the situation – the problems aren’t going away, people can’t just bury their heads in the sand and hope it all blows over.”

Now the women say they have reached the end of their tether.

They don’t want to leave their homes, but fear they will be forced out.

PC Rob Graves said: “I’m concerned about these issues but we haven’t received any reports about drug dealing or anti-social behaviour. We will look into this.

“I wouldn’t want this to start

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stirring up the hornet’s nest with members of the public thinking that it’s something like Shameless.”

A New Linx Housing Trust spokesman said: “New Linx Housing Trust takes any allegation of anti-social behaviour involving its tenants or residents very seriously and works closely with other agencies, including the police, to resolve matters effectively.

“It is important that those affected by anti-social behaviour submit evidence in the form of completed nuisance diaries to New Linx to assist them in their investigations.

“Any incident of crime would be dealt with by the police under the appropriate legislation.”

A police spokesman said: “The knife incident was an isolated domestic incident. There is no threat to the wider public and certainly no threat to young people on the estate.

“The individual has been cautioned for affray and as far as Lincolnshire Police is concerned, the matter is closed.”

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesperson said: “We take any calls of this type seriously if callers can give us a definite address for any incidents.

“Our records show we had an anonymous call from De Aston Park estate earlier this year and we advised they should call the police at any time a disturbance was being heard. The police would contact us over any further issues arising from their investigations.”