Rasen thefts and burglaries ‘quite high’ last month

Market Rasen's Neighbouthood Policing Team released crime statistics for May last week.
Market Rasen's Neighbouthood Policing Team released crime statistics for May last week.

Almost 30 per cent of crimes in Market Rased were theft or burglary last month, the Neighbourhood Policing Team’s May statistics have revealed.

However, a local PSCO has said ‘there was not a lot to worry about’ in the town.

Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police

The statistics represent an 1,800m radius around Chapman Street in Market Rasen.

The report shows that of 120 recorded crimes 25 were thefts and nine were burglaries - burglary being the illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime and a theft the action of stealing.

The next highest recorded crimes were suspicious incidents totalling 16.

The PSCO presented the data at last Wednesday’s Market Rasen Town Council meeting.

He said: “The only scary thing from May’s statistics are burglaries - which are mainly shed burglaries, and thefts - which are primarily shop thefts, taking meat and cheese and such items from Tesco and the Co-op.

“In terms of other crime, everything else is fairly low, with not an awful lot to worry about.

“There’s a lot for me as an officer to do, but not for members of the public to be concerned about.”

The statistics listed a total of four road traffic collisions for May - which occurred within the 1,800m radius specified by the report.

Coun Stephen Bunney rasied the issue of road collisions

He said: “It seems to me there have been quite a few road accidents recently - more than usual.

“There’s been one or two in the Middle Rasen end of the A46 and one up nearer to Caistor.

“There just seems to be that many more at the moment. Is that right?”

The PCSO said: “There’s not particulaly been more than normal, but they all seem to have come at once in this last month.

“Certainly the serious injuries and fatalities are considerably less (than last year), and that’s throughout the county.

“The last couple of weeks it seems to have been collision after collision, but for weeks before that we hadn’t seen one.

“We are continually doing speed checks, and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership are doing speed surveys all the time - but there’s not been any great increase in speed.

“It could be just a case of timing and the fact that for some reason they have all occurred in proximity to the town.”

May crime stats for Market Rasen

ANti-social Behaviour

Drunken - 2; inconsiderate - 6; malicious comments - 4; 
nuisance neighbours - 1; 
vehicle - 1


Domestic - 8; commercial - 1


Hazard - 2; RTC - 4, traffic 
offence - 9

Other offences

Criminal damage - 3, drugs - 1; fraud/forgery - 2; sexual - 3; theft - 25; violence - 6; hoax - 5; concern for safety - 7; domestic - 7; firearms - 1; missing 
person - 2; sudden death - 0; suspcicious circumstances - 16; poaching/coursing - 0