Rasen is becoming a safer town

MARKET Rasen is a safer place to live than two or three years ago.

That was the view of Market Rasen Town Council and PCSO Neal Evans, who met last week.

Mr Evans reported that over the festive and New Year period there had only been one incident relating to drunkenness in the town.

He said police were working with The George pub and looking at CCTV following an incident involving two men.

Officers were also looking for the vandals who smashed a window at John Turner’s photography in Oxford Street, and Mr Evans reported they were aware that people had been riding motorcycles illegally in Willingham Woods.

Mr Evans said the main problem the town’s officers currently faced was a spate of anti-social behaviour along Willingham Road.

As reported recently in the Rasen Mail, a number of properties had walls damaged over the Christmas period.

Mr Evans told town councillors the problems seem to take place at pub closing times at the weekend and that extra officers had now been assigned to the area to patrol on Friday and Saturday nights.

Despite these incidents, councillors and police feel the town is a safer place to live than two or three years ago.

Mr Evans said: “Looking back at the years gone, there were far fewer incidents reported of criminality in Rasen for this period than there have been for the past two years, so I would say it is getting safer.”

Deputy Mayor Steve Bunney said: “My view is that generally at the moment I think it is better than two or three years ago. We have our problems, but on the whole I feel it is safer.”