Rasen father could not kick long-term drug habit coroner’s court heard

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AN UNEMPLOYED father who had smoked cannabis since before he was a teenager died having taken a cocktail of drugs five days after being released from prison.

An inquest at Lincoln 
Cathedral Centre was told how Brian Holdich, 25, of Union Street in Market Rasen, had taken heroine, methadone and three pregabalin pills the day before he died.

Kayleigh Hippey – Mr 
Holdich’s partner and mother of his four-year-old daughter – 
described how Brian started 
hallucinating after taking the pills at her Cherry Willingham home on the evening of June 1 this year.

Kayleigh said she had “never” seen Mr Holdich like this before.

She said: “It was quite scary. I calmed him down and got him to lay down. I fell asleep and woke up in the morning and he was not there.”

Mr Holdich was found in 
the hallway with a syringe 
ext to him.

A post mortem examination revealed that the cause of death appeared to be opiate intoxication.

Deputy coroner Paul Smith recorded Mr Holdich died as a consequence of dependent abuse of drugs.

He said: “It’s very sad when someone dies under such circumstances.”

A statement read out from Lincoln Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team (DART) described how Mr Holdich first started using cannabis aged 11 or 12, by the time he was 15 he had taken cocaine and began injecting heroine aged 16.

It went on to say Mr Holdich had been remanded in 
custody on a few occasions which reflected his “chaotic” lifestyle.

On May 2 this year he was sentenced to eight weeks in prison for theft and criminal damage.

Speaking after the inquest Kayleigh said she, Brian’s mum Rose and the rest of his family would “miss him loads and love him lots”.