Police warning over rise in fuel thefts

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A Walesby business has become the latest firm to be targeted by diesel thieves who are causing problems across the county.

Lincolnshire Police says there has been a rise in the number of fuel and oil thefts in the Market Rasen area - and elsewhere in Lincolnshire.

They say the county is suffering badly as a result of its rurality - and are encouraging business owners and residents to step-up security.

In Walesby, thieves stole 1,000 litres of diesel after they accessed a storage tank from the rear of the business premises.

Market Rasen Police Community Support Officer Neal Evans said: “There has been a rise in such fuel oil thefts in the area of Market Rasen and nationally.

“We would advise that if you have heating oil or diesel stored on your premises that you revise your security arrangements to prevent any theft.”

Lincolnshire Police says businesses and residents should consider the following: the position of tanks, turning off control switches when not in use, investing in close shackle padlocks, alarmed oil level gauges, increased lighting, planting a prickly hedge and CCTV.

Officers say stepping up security will make it more difficult for thieves to steal anything.

But they say nothing can make this type of crime impossible to commit.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “Across the West Lindsey area, including Market Rasen, along with the county as a whole, we’ve seen an increase in diesel and heating oil theft.

“Lorries, commercial and agricultural vehicles, domestic and commercial tanks, are all being targeted.

“This is mainly down to the rise in price of diesel.

“We’d ask businesses to consider security around their storage tanks.

“There are a number of options.”

Anyone who would like advice can call the Licolnshire Police non-emergency number 101 to arrange a site visit from an officer.

The spokesman added that Lincolnshire was a particularly bad area for this type of crime due to its rurality.

If you have any information about the Walesby incident, contact Lincolnshire Police.

Call 101 and quote incident 102 of April 19.