Police warning after teens risk their lives playing in river

The River Ancholme at Brigg town centre
The River Ancholme at Brigg town centre

People are being reminded of the dangers of swimming in open waters after reports of youngsters playing in the River Ancholme near Brigg.

Officers have warned recent sweltering temperatures might make rivers and other open waters look very inviting, but there are real dangers attached to the activity.

Police were made aware of a group of teenagers swimming in the Ancholme near Scawby Brook on the evening of Tuesday, July 16.

A concerned member of the public contacted police and said throughout the recent hot spell teenagers had been sighted there quite regularly.

Neighbourhood policing sergeant for the area, Howard Garlick, said he understood the temptations but said the risks were too great to succumb.

He said: “As the hot weather continues I understand why a cooling swim might be tempting but people need to know how dangerous it is to swim in unsupervised pools, lakes, rivers or reservoirs.

“It is often not possible to gauge the depths of the water or currents and they can also be very cold, in stark contrast to the high air and body temperatures.

“The sudden change of temperature can create serious problems for would-be swimmers and is often the cause of drownings.

“Also, where water levels are unknown, jumping or diving into water can cause serious injury.

“Our firm advice is ‘do not be tempted’ irrespective of how strong a swimmer you are.”

He added: “Do not jump into, or swim in, unauthorised or unsupervised waters - no matter how hot it gets.”