Police unit to pack five times the punch

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CRIMINALS in the Lincolnshire will feel five times the force with the creation of the country’s largest crime fighting alliance.

On Monday Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire police forces teamed up to tackle major crime and serious and organised criminality as one.

This will make it the largest collaboration of its kind in the country, potentially saving the police forces in excess of £26 million pounds over a four-year period.

The creation of a joint major crime facility will investigate murder, manslaughter, kidnap with demands and extortion across the East Midlands region and take on other investigations through a central tasking process.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Storey, a Lincolnshire Police officer working as part of the East Midlands Police Collaboration Team, said: “This is a real opportunity for Lincolnshire to benefit from the expertise and resilience of regional resources.

“It means we can target serious and organised crime across the five counties and more effectively deal with major crime without impacting on front line policing within our county.

“It’s an efficient and effective pooling of effort, strengthening our response to crime at the highest level whilst safeguarding our capacity to deal with the crimes that really matter to our local communities like anti-social behaviour.”

The new approach will provide a greater response to tackling organised crime that crosses force boundaries and the teams will work closely with partners such as the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs and the UK Borders Agency.

It is hoped the merger will provide access to a multi-million pound shared asset that will further professionalise the police response to these complex and high profile investigations, will even out the demand for staff across the five counties and more effectively manage threat, risk and harm in each of the five forces.

At the same time the region will establish a new regionally co-ordinated approach to serious and organised crime, the East Midlands Special Operations Unit – Serious Organised Crime unit (EMSOU-SOC).

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