Police set to confiscate off-roading motorcycles

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DOG walkers, cyclists and other users of woodland around Market Rasen are being put in danger by motorcyclists riding off road illegally.

Police are now looking to crackdown on motorcyclists using Dog Kennel Woods and Willingham Woods as a race track.

Some motorcyclists have already been caught riding along woodland paths, which are frequently used by walkers, runners and children.

But police, who are working in partnership with the Forestry Commission, which runs the woodland, say while they have caught some offenders, others have simply moved to new areas.

Nick Johnston, of the Forestry Commission in Market Rasen, said: “It seems to have moved from Dog Kennel Wood and we’ve pushed them back to Willingham Wood.

“Road legal off-road vehicles are allowed on certain bridleways, but they are running off into the woods where nobody has permission to be driving.

“The speed of the bikes makes them dangerous to dog walkers and children using the woods.

“It also damages the woodland. There is a mountain bike track, but there is no provision for motorcycles.”

He added: “They know they are not meant to be there and they are not riding sensibly, or keeping to the Highway Code.

“There are normally five or six of them and are bringing big, powerful motorcycles into the woods.

“We have also had complaints from residents in Dog Kennel Woods about the noise at weekends.”

PC Rob Graves, from Market Rasen Police Station, said: “They are making the woods dangerous and causing a lot of noise to nearby residents and we really do not want one of them hitting a dog walker.

“We are obviously looking to issue Section 59 orders.”

A Section 59 order allows officers to confiscate any vehicle being used in a manner causing alarm, distress, or annoyance.

The Forestry Commission offices were also broken into overnight last week although officers are not linking this to the illegal off-roading.

Mr Johnston said that nothing had been taken from the offices, but there have been a number of similar break-ins at farms in the surrounding area in recent weeks.

Anyone who sees or hears off-road motorcycling in Dog Kennel Woods or Willingham Woods, is asked to call Lincolnshire Police on 0300 1111 0300.