Police investigating icing sugar discovery

CAPSULES discovered in a box of icing sugar by a mother and daughter baking cakes were not dangerous – but police are still investigating.

A 41-year-old man arrested on suspicion of product contamination in Suffolk – where icing sugar producer Silver Spoon is based – has been released without charge, but police investigations in Lincolnshire and Suffolk are ongoing.

Market Rasen mum Tara Cason, 31, and seven-year-old daughter Charlotte found 13 large powder-filled capsules during a baking session in June.

The icing sugar, bought from Market Rasen Tesco, was recovered by police and sent for analysis. A Silver Spoon investigation has revealed the capsules – described by Mrs Cason as being slightly smaller than a cod liver oil tablet and filled with a sandy-coloured powder – did not pose any risk to human health.

A British Sugar spokesman for Silver Spoon said: “On Monday, June 20 Lincolnshire Police was notified by a member of the general public of a 1kg bag of icing sugar containing unidentifiable foreign bodies.

“The police in Lincolnshire and Suffolk, and The Silver Spoon Company, immediately instigated independent investigations to establish the source and composition of the extraneous bodies. The analysis established that the foreign bodies posed no risk to human health.

“The Silver Spoon Company and British Sugar have completed their internal investigation and continue to support the police investigation in Lincolnshire which is continuing.

“We are therefore unable to comment further until the police have completed their investigation.”

A police spokesman said: “The 41-year-old man arrested in Suffolk in connection with this incident has been released without charge.

“Police enquiries in both Lincolnshire and Suffolk are continuing.”