Not enough boat crime to launch costly scheme

Hopes a boatwatch scheme could be set up to deal with crime on boats moored at Brigg’s Glanford Boat Club were dashed at the latest meeting of the Ancholme Users Group.

PC Jane Proud of Humberside Police reported the number of crimes committed there in 2012 only totalled four in the 12 month period, a figure that would not justify ‘Boat Watch’ which was expensive to run mainly because of the technology involved.

A Country Watch scheme operates locally and Boat Watch would have run on similar lines, but there are alternatives which include a form of Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Despite the relatively low level of crime on boats the police recognised there had been considerably greater instances of riverside crime in 2012 including illegal fishing, poaching, fly tipping, and vehicle crime.

Members of the group were keen to see a clamping down on crime of that type so the riverside, particularly in summer, can be a recreational facility used more widely by the community.

Mike Storey, of the Scunthorpe and District Angling Association, said dog fouling was particularly bad on the bank at the moment and he felt it was time to operate a zero tolerance policy on owners who let their dogs foul on the riverbank and do not clean up afterwards.

There were reported incidents of conflict between fishermen and cyclists on the tow path beside the river but it was recognised cycling there is not an offence.

Chairman of the Ancholme Users Group Rob Waltham said it was important all users respect one another.