Message to ‘lowlife’ thief who targeted restaurant

Caistor market place EMN-150625-142813001
Caistor market place EMN-150625-142813001

Concerns have been raised after a spate of incidents in Caistor.

In recent weeks Caistor has seen break-ins at The Settlement and South Street petrol station, a fire outside the Post Office and Caistor in Bloom’s vehicle stolen.

The Settlement was broken into in the early hours of June 15 and a small amount of alcohol was taken.

Owner Simon Burnett said: “There seems to be more of this happening lately.

“All this can’t be happening without someone seeing or hearing or knowing something.

“To the lowlifes who decided that our building/business was theirs to do with as they pleased: We know you don’t care about us but understand this; this business is hard fought.

“The contents inside it are ours not yours.

“Acts like this jeopardise our future and the livelihood of everybody who works here and considers this place as a second home.

“If you have nothing better to do with your life and are that desperate for alcohol and small possessions then may we suggest that you get a job, earn some money and buy it 

“To our community and friends: Please be extra vigilant – secure your homes and businesses as best you can.”

At the time of going to press, Lincolnshire Police had not responded to requests for a comment.