Man smashed windows in ‘red mist’ after hall fight

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AFTER a 22-year-old Binbrook man was ejected from the village hall following a fight, he went to the home of one of those who had helped to eject him and smashed windows on two cars.

Jack Anthony Keeling, 22, of Briggs Walk, admitted two charges of causing damage on October 20 last year.

A charge of causing grievous bodily harm to a Danny Wright on the same occasion was discontinued.

Appearing with Keeling was Christopher Robinson, 26, of Lincoln Road, Brookenby, who denied a charge of damaging a door, the property of Binbrook Parish Council, on October 20 and a trial date of September 4 was set.

Two further charges against him of causing an affray and possessing an offensive weapon on October 20, were also discontinued.

Prosecuting, Mr Paul Wood said there had been an incident at an event in the village hall in Binbrook, as a result of which disorder descended into a fight between Keeling and another man over what music should be played.

Keeling was ejected from the hall and left the scene in a car, but later he was seen to run up to two cars parked on the driveway of one of those who had put him out of the hall and smash the windows with a baseball bat.

He said one of the cars belonged to someone who had had no connection with the incident and had merely parked the car there.

Mr Wood said that also Keeling’s DNA was found in blood on the back seat of one of the cars.

Mr Wood said the damage to one of the cars alone was £2,152.

In mitigation, Mr Asad Aziz said that ‘in a spell of red mist’, after being ejected from the village hall, Keeling had gone over the complainant’s house and damaged cars on his driveway.

The magistrates adjourned sentencing until June 8 and ordered a pre-sentence report be prepared.