Man admits lying to police after car crash

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A BROOKENBY man, who had crashed his car, lied to the police because he had no insurance or driving licence.

Tadas Kurselis, 26, of Windsmoor Road, admitted obstructing the police, driving without due care and attention and driving without a driving licence or insurance on June 19, when he appeared before magistrates at Skegness.

The court was told police were called at 10.30pm after a BMW car was involved in a single vehicle accident in Orford Road, Brookenby.

No one was with the car but then a man arrived and said he had been told to recover the vehicle but police refused to let him do so as there was blood in the car.

Police then went to the home of Kurselis, who was the registered owner, and saw that he had a cut to the head.

He told them he had been drinking at home with friends all evening but had seen two men take his car from outside the house.

He told them he had run out and managed to clamber into the back seat but they drove off but had then crashed it and he had been knocked out.

However, police enquiries revealed Kurselis had been driving the car himself at the time of the accident and when they went to see him again, he admitted to being the driver.

In mitigation, Mr Gary Farmer said Kurselis was a car dealer who bought cars, did them up and then sold them.

He said that on June 19 he had taken out the BMW, which was the latest car he had bought, for a test run.

He said it was usually his father who did this.

He lost control of the car and it ran into a hedge.

He went directly home and got in touch with a recovery firm to recover the car, but he panicked when the police came because he had no licence or insurance, so he made up this ‘silly story’.

He said Kurkelis was ‘embarrassed and ashamed’.

Magistrates fined Kurkelis £230 for no insurance and put six penalty points on his licence.

He was also fined £75 for obstructing the police and he was ordered to pay £43 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge. There was no separate penalty for the other offences.