Lindsey joins ASBO experiment

WEST Lindsey has become one of only three places in the UK to trial a replacement system for anti-social behaviour orders, the government has announced.

The new system – being brought in on June 1 – will force the police to act after receiving five separate complaints or three from the same person.

People who have activated the ‘community trigger’ are guaranteed a response within 24 hours. If agencies do not respond properly to the trigger, members of the public can appeal to the directly-elected police and crime commissioner, to be put in place later this year.

The scheme is part of a plan to change the way crime and disorder is dealt with and will see police and local agencies given a set of six new powers.

The three pilots – in West Lindsey, Manchester and Brighton and Hove – will be evaluated to inform the government’s future legislative plans and make sure the ‘community trigger’ offers victims the most effective way of ensuring action is taken.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own homes and neighbourhoods. Yet thousands of people around the country are still having their everyday lives blighted by anti-social behaviour.

“Many don’t even report it, convinced it won’t be taken seriously. And, sadly, too often they have been right.

“It’s time to put victims first. That’s what this government will do. Our new plans aim to give victims the chance to have their problem dealt with immediately.

“We will slash the confusing and cumbersome legislation that leaves victims without a voice and police and other agencies without the ability to really tackle the problem.

“Police and local agencies will now have clarity and the powers to come down hard on those who inflict anti-social behaviour on others.”

HMIC research reported 68 per cent of people reporting anti-social behaviour to police have done so more than once, usually regarding the same problem. It was also found that some people do not bother to report anti-social behaviour as they have little faith in anything being done.