kill your speed!


FEARS speeding drivers are putting children’s lives at risk have fuelled a campaign to cut the speed limit in a built up area.

People who live in and around Middle Rasen’s Walesby Road say the speed limit on the stretch of road heading into Market Rasen needs to be cut from 40mph to 30mph because they do not feel safe.

Campaigner Guy Grainger said mothers are worried about their children playing outside and despite calls for something to be done as far back as 2002, no action has been taken.

He said: “In a built-up area like this there should definitely be a 30mph limit – it’s a clear safety issue.

“It’s important we get something done about it because there’s a clear link between speed limits, accident rates, serious injuries and deaths on the road.”

Mother-of-two Maureen Webb, from Old Dairy Road, said cars “go like a bat out of hell” on Walesby Road and then there is a squeal of brakes when someone comes out of a side road.

Ms Webb, whose sons go to school in Market Rasen, said: “Someone is going to get killed one of these days.”

Grandmother Carol Easden from Lancaster Drive says she has to warn her grandchildren about the speeding cars. She said: “There’s a chance someone could get run over – it’s not a very safe place for children.”

Walesby Road resident Mary Moulds said cars travelling into Market Rasen from Tealby appear to come from nowhere especially in the early evening and between 9.30am to 10am.

“It takes me a little time to get across the road - I get half way across and I don’t know whether to go back or carry on they are going so fast.

“Something needs to be done to slow the traffic down. Cars, motorbikes and lorries speed at more than 50 mph.”

But Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department said it cannot investigate the problem until it has sufficient resources.

Head of Highways North Alan Aistrup said: “The Government issued new guidelines in 2009 requiring us to review all the speed limits on A and B roads in the county by the end of 2011, so we have had to focus our efforts on this accordingly.

“Due to the resource implications, requests for new speed limits or changes to existing limits have needed to be put on hold until this work has been completed.

“Whilst I am not aware of any personal injury accidents in the past five years on Walesby Road, we are aware of residents concerns about this road and we’ll investigate as soon as resources allow.”

Middle Rasen councillor Geoff Wiseman said: “The highways department is aware of the concerns of Walesby Road residents.”