Keelby drug dealer busted

A dealer who sold drugs to fund his own £50-a-week habit that had got “out of control” has been given a chance to avoid going to prison.

Lincoln Crown Court has heard how police officers arrested Ryan Bullen, 26, of Beck Close, in Keelby after they spotted him in his car outside the Jug and Bottle pub in Holton le Clay, near Grimsby.

Prosecuting Andrew Scott told Lincoln Crown Court how police officers discovered a bag containing class B drug M-Cat in Bullen’s cardigan.

The court heard how police officers then found a second bag of M-Cat by the driver’s seat of Bullen’s car.

They also found another class B drug, cannabis.

The amount of cannabis the police found was worth about £400.

Mr Scott told the court how text messages police found on Bullen’s mobile phone indicated he had bought the M-Cat for £200.

The court heard how the text messages on Bullen’s mobile phone also indicated he was involved in drug dealing.

Bullen pleaded guilty to two charges of possession of drugs with intent to supply, when he appeared in the dock at Lincoln Crown Court.

Both offences happened on Friday, October 12 last year.

Defending David Eager said Bullen had no previous convictions.

He told the court Bullen had a £50-a-week drug habit.

Mr Eager said: “His drug use got out of control.”

The court heard how Bullen gave up his job - and had been selling drugs for several months.

Mr Eager said: “He gave up his employment and he had been selling drugs for approximately four months with a view to funding his own habit.”

He said Bullen is now clean of drugs.

Mr Eager told the court Bullen has now gone back to his old job.

Judge Michael Heath deferred sentence for six months.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how Bullen has been given a chance to sort out his life before he is sentenced later this year in November.

Judge Heath told Bullen: “What I expect you to do is to keep your job and to keep out of trouble.

“If you do those things then when you come back before me you will keep your liberty.

“If you don’t you will go inside, so it is up to you.”