Jihadi extremists threaten Lincolnshire family - and police issue warning over social media

Police news.
Police news.

Extremists have sent a death threat to the family of a serving soldier in Lincolnshire.

The letter from Islamist extremists is reportedly entitled ‘JIHAD – The Holy War For Islam – A warning to the brides of British Soldier Warmongers’.

The Mirror reports that the letter states: “We now know where you live and will begin to destroy the unbelievers and their families as they have done to us.”

The family have reportedly left their home, although it is not known where in Lincolnshire they are from.

National media said Lincolnshire Police are looking into an allegation of ‘malicious communications’.

The Mirror quotes Chief Insp Jim Tyner who said he believes at the moment this is a ‘one-off incident’.

But police are advising the family and friends of serving personal to check their security settings on social media so they don’t accidentally share personal details.