Jailed for punch after drunken fracas

A MAN who fractured the eye socket of an innocent bystander during a disturbance in Lincoln city centre was jailed for 12 months.

John Hill, 23, of Cliff Road, Welton admitted causing Daniel Shieber grievous bodily harm after knocking him to the ground with a single blow when he mistook the peacemaker for somebody who had assaulted him.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Mr Shieber also sustained a fracture to his wrist as he fell to the floor and needed six weeks off work.

Prosecuting, Phil Howes said the incident happened after Hill became involved in a drunken altercation with some of Mr Shieber’s friends on the junction of Silver Street and Free School Lane.

Mr Howes told the court: “Mr Shieber went over to try and split things up. Mr Hill misinterpreted it. Mr Shieber was walking away when he was struck to the left side of his face. The single punch knocked him to the floor.”

Defending, Andrew Bailey said: “It seems there was a drunken fog descending on the parties in this incident. Some friends of Mr Shieber became involved in an incident with Mr Hill.

“As a result Mr Hill was injured and suffered a black eye. It is not an excuse but he clearly then made a mistake.”

Sentencing judge Michael Heath said: “The complainant in this case sought to intervene to bring things to a speedy end. He then walked away.

“You thought he had assaulted you. In fact he had not. As he walked away in no position to defend himself it is plain you punched him.”