Illegal waste site caused fly infestation, court hears

Loose waste plastic covered in flies.
Loose waste plastic covered in flies.

An illegal waste operator has been fined £13,500 and ordered to pay £5,795 costs for running a waste site without an environmental permit.

Coolprice Holdings Ltd and its sole director, Mark Walter Cooling, were illegally depositing and storing waste plastics and ‘refuse derived fuel’ (RDF) on land at Mill Lane in Brigg.

Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court heard that between January and May 2012 Coolprice Holdings deposited significant amounts of plastic waste and RDF on the site. There was approximately 400 cubic metres of waste inside a building on-site as well as a large number of bales of waste stored outside.

Anne-Lise McDonald, prosecuting for the Environment Agency, told the court the waste had attracted swarms of flies.

On one visit, Environment Agency officers could not inspect the building properly due to the number of flies.

Local residents had complained about the flies which led to the council serving an abatement notice for a statutory nuisance.

The court heard Environment Agency officers had advised Cooling it was an offence to store waste without a permit but he failed to follow their advice.

Mrs McDonald said Cooling also failed to comply with a statutory notice requiring him to remove the waste.

On a visit in November 2012, officers estimated that at least half the original waste was still on site.

Cooling also failed to provide waste transfer notes when requested.

The Environment Agency requires certain waste operations to be covered by an environmental permit and seeks to impose a number of safeguards to make sure the activity does not adversely affect the local environment and people who live and work nearby.