Huge nationwide reaction follows Rasen Mail exclusive

LINCOLNSHIRE Police has released a statement responding to public concerns following the attack of a teenage girl from Market Rasen.

Sophie Russell, 16, was attacked by a gang of four girls whilst 12 others looked on as she was punched in the face about 20 times at 5.30pm near Eve Street, Louth in February.

Having suffered serious internal bruising, a broken nose, bruised face with a permanent scar on her top lip and post traumatic stress, alarmingly the main culprit got away with just a caution.

Following the Rasen Mail’s exclusive interview with Sophie last week her story was taken up by the national media.

On the back of hundreds of internet comments slamming the police for not taking more action against the offenders, the Lincs force have released a statement saying certain inaccuracies have been reported.

Lincolnshire Police has issued the following statement: “The circumstances of the assault on February 21 were that three people were named as having been involved in the attack and were arrested on suspicion of assault.

“Of the three, a 15-year-old girl admitted having carried out the offence.

“No further action was taken against the two others as there was insufficient evidence to support their involvement.

“As the offender was a 15–year-old juvenile, the case evidence was submitted to the Youth Offending Team for consideration of all the facts and for recommendation of the most appropriate course of action.

“A decision was made that this course of action would be a final warning.”