Gangs of ‘mindless’ youths are ruining Rase Park

Teenage yobs are using a sports ground as a place to drink and take drugs - and they have even set fire to property.

Gangs of up to 30 youths are descending on Market Rasen’s Rase Park and causing ‘mindless damage’.

Rase Park - home to the town’s football and cricket clubs and used by many children - is targeted mainly at weekends but there have been incidents during the week as well.

Steward Diane Hawke is fed up with the ongoing vandalism and wants police to do something about it.

She said: “It’s down to the dark nights again. All of the youngish people in Market Rasen appear now to be descending down on our stands.

“Unfortunately they’re leaving some undesirable things lying around. They leave broken bottles upside down on the football pitch. They put them in the ground with the intention of people harming themselves.

“We found drugs in the stand, they’ve set fire to our advert boards and someone has taken a hammer to the fence of our compound for storage and tried to get in. It’s mindless damage.

“Enough is enough. It’s getting ridiculous. It’s private ground, if you’re not a member you’re not entitled to be there.

“The mindless few want to spoil it for the rest of the community. We’re here to give a service to children, adults and the community.

“We have to comb the field every weekend because of the fear needles or bottles being left lying around for children to fall on. We’re responsible if something happens.

“I want the police to be more proactive. To make regular visits down there, more than they’re doing.”

Diane said police have told her to ask the youths to leave if she sees them at the ground - but she does not feel up to this.

“I’m far too intimidated to do that. Who knows what they could do,” she said.

Diane added: “When the police do turn up they do ask them to leave. They just need to come down here more often.”