Further update on Caistor incident

Lincolnshire Police.
Lincolnshire Police.

Lincolnshire Police have issued a further statement on Tuesday’s incident in Caistor where a 13-year-old boy sustained a head injury.

Earlier, a spokesman at the police press office told the Rasen Mail they were ‘not investigating this incident as a crime’.

Speaking to the boy’s mother, our reporter was told this was not true and she had been told by the police the investigation was on-going.

The Rasen Mail then contacted the police press office again for clarification and was told by a different spokesman they believed the initial information supplied was incorrect and they understood the investigation was continuing.

However, they had been “unable to get hold of any officers involved in this case.”

A further update will be given when the information becomes available.

The earlier update read:

Lincolnshire Police have said no further action is being taken over the incident in Caistor on Tuesday (October 9) where a 13-year-old Caistor student sustained a head injury.

A police spokesman told the Rasen Mail: “We can confirm we are not investigating this incident as a crime, unless any evidence comes to light that suggests the circumstances as we understand them at the moment change.”

Read the original story https://www.marketrasenmail.co.uk/news/crime/update-mother-appeals-for-information-after-son-13-was-stabbed-in-caistor-1-8663247 and the statement from Caistor Yarborough School here