Five million indecent child images seized in Lincolnshire

FIVE million indecent images of children were seized from computers in Lincolnshire last year - more than three times the number in 2010.

Lincolnshire Police said the rise was partly down to a new unit it set up called the Paedophile Online Investigation Team.

NSPCC spokesperson, Claire Lilley said: “It is crucial to remember that children and babies are sexually abused to create indecent images like those seized by Lincolnshire Police.

“Once an image is online it can never be completely removed and the victims will always have to live with this dreadful situation.

“Those who view, download and distribute the images for sexual gratification are effectively colluding in the abuse of a child.

“The introduction of the specialist Paedophile Online Investigation Team in Lincolnshire is an important development in helping to protect vulnerable children and babies from this horrific abuse and the team is to be congratulated for its significant work in tackling this problem.”