‘Don’t panic’ top cop tells Market Rasen residents after week of police incidents

Insp Simon Outen EMN-140324-163410001
Insp Simon Outen EMN-140324-163410001

In the week that has seen Market Rasen compared to the Bronx after two attempted child abductions and a teen stabbed in broad daylight, West Lindsey’s top cop has taken the remarkable step of using the Rasen Mail to write an open letter to residents reassuring people the area is still safe.

Market Rasen residents had just about got over the shock of hearing police were investigating two attempted abductions on Tuesday, when officers cordoned off the town centre on Friday night after a stabbing near a takeaway.

Now Inspector Simon Outen’s has written this letter to our readers.

Dear Sir,

“Following the two incidents of an attempt abduction and a stabbing in Market Rasen in the past week, I felt it was only right to try and reassure the local community and put some perspective around what has happened. The two incidents themselves have resulted in substantial police activity in the Market Rasen town centre. It is highly unusual for such incidents to occur in the Market Rasen area, and in both cases, officers have responded rapidly and made arrests. The incidents are not linked at all, and it is just coincidence that they should have occurred in such close proximity to each other.

“Both incidents remain under active investigation at this time, and officers remain committed to establishing the exact circumstances and dealing with the identified offenders. In relation to the attempt abduction, I must stress that those involved are receiving appropriate assistance and support and that officers continue to investigate the circumstances. This was very much a one off incident and has been dealt with in accordance with what our enquiries have so far identified.

“Regarding the stabbing, this is also highly unusual in Market Rasen and officers swiftly arrested a number of individuals as part of their enquiries. These enquiries remain ongoing, but I would like to reassure the community that this is being investigated thoroughly, and that it is in no way indicative of any threat to the wider community. Unfortunately as the investigation is ongoing I am limited in what I can say, but local officers are continuing to patrol in the Rasen area, and should you have any concerns whatsoever, then please do not hesitate to speak with any of them.

“It is also only right that I take this opportunity to put into perspective what has occurred. Whilst the two incidents themselves are worrying, they are unusual, and as such attract a great deal of attention whilst we respond and deal with them. This is for a couple of main reasons. Firstly Lincolnshire Police are determined to give the highest level of service to the public, and as such we will deploy a number of resources in the early stages of an investigation to ensure that the evidence and all immediate enquiries are collated as soon as possible, so as to ensure the most effective investigation possible. As a result officers from outside of the immediate Market Rasen policing teams will be supplemented by the appropriate specialist officers to ensure this process is completed as swiftly as possible. Secondly, the Market Rasen area is, and continues to be, a safe area in which to live and work. Consequently when such an incident occurs it will stand out and we should all remember that it is the rarity of such incidents that make them noticeable and equally reassured that Lincolnshire Police will respond both swiftly and decisively to them.

“Finally I would like to reiterate that my officers and staff across West Lindsey remain committed to delivering the highest level of service possible considering all the competing demands, and we remain steadfast in our approach to reducing and investigating crime and bringing offenders to justice. West Lindsey is and continues to be a safe place in which to work and live and a district of which I am proud to call my home.”


Insp Simon Outen