Don’t be a victim of seasonal burglaries

As the nights draw in, Lincolnshire Police are urging people to review their home security.

Officers are raising awareness on burglary crime prevention at this time of year, as thieves tend to take advantage of the earlier hours of darkness.

“Burglars identify properties where no one is home in the early evening by looking for ones that have no lights on,” said a police spokesman.

Now, as part of Operation Lighthouse, the police are offering tips to reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

“The main thing is making your house look and sound 
occupied in the early evening before you get home from work,” said Community Safety Inspector Phil Baker.

“The best way to do this is to buy some timer switches, available from most DIY shops, and set them to come on in rooms at the front and back of the house in the early evening.

“You could also leave a radio on to make it sound like there’s someone at home - burglars are deterred by this sort of thing.

“The other main message is to lock your doors and windows before you go out - it sounds simple, but you’d be staggered by the amount of crimes that are a direct result of this.”

Further advice is available on the Lincolnshire Police website or through members of your local neighbourhood policing team.