Don’t be a victim of Christmas crime

AS Christmas approaches, Police are urging people to log their expensive gifts and precious belongings on a free online database.

The database is linked directly to police systems, which means officers can trace the owners of recovered property and also identify the item as being stolen if found in the possession of a suspected thief.

Any item can be registered on from jewellery to TVs.

The system records serial numbers and also allows the user to upload a photo and description.

Detective Sergeant Richard Myszczyszyn said: “Burglars and thieves know there will be rich pickings to be had in the post Christmas period and the use of the Immobilise database is a valuable addition to your crime prevention precautions.

“You can register as many items as you like, and then if they are lost or stolen you simply log back on to register them as such.

“By registering your property, and marking it as such, Lincolnshire residents can take steps to ensure they are much less likely to become a victim of crime.”