David’s capital effort for fair funds

LINCOLNSHIRE Independent Police Commissioner candidate David Bowles has been to Downing Street to deliver a letter calling for fair funding for our rural police force.

Mr Bowles, from Sudbrooke, said it is not a myth that police funding in Lincolnshire is the lowest in the country and is urging everyone to sign a online petition he has started .

He said the shortfall in funding is at least £7m per year for Lincolnshire, which is equivalent to about 130 officers.

David said “This petition is not about politics. It’s not even about the election. It’s about getting fair funding for policing in rural areas, particularly Lincolnshire, in order to ensure our safety and security.

“In my experience these campaigns are more likely to work when we can get the politicians and the public on board.

“I would encourage everybody, no matter what party 
or persuasion, to sign this petition. It’s in all our interests to redress this imbalance no matter who becomes the Police and Crime Commissioner for this county.

“I will be writing to all leaders of political groups in the county and all MPs seeking their support for this petition and this campaign.

“The petition is designed to highlight the massive inequalities of funding between rural and urban police forces despite having similar crime rates. An inequality in which Lincolnshire suffers worse than all others.

“This is not a new problem. Successive governments have been blind to the issues of rural policing.

“But the unkindest cut of all, was the removal of the funding subsidy for rural counties in 2011. That alone will remove £1.8million a year from Lincolnshire police funding – enough for 40 officers.

“This is an appalling state of affairs.”

To sign Mr Bowles’ ‘fair funding for rural police forces’ petition go to epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/39285.