Cut your speed or face the the fine

DRIVERS tempted to speed had better think twice.

Caistor Neighbourhood Policing Team is running a speed campaign – and the results have been astounding.

In just three months officers have issued 82 verbal warnings and 23 written warnings to drivers breaking the law.

Five people caught 
driving in excess of 
50mph in a 30mph 
zone have been summonsed to court and a further 
35 drivers who did 
over 39mph have 
been handed speeding 

In some areas a Speed Indication Device (SID) showed that more than 90 per cent of drivers had been speeding.

The campaign – which 
is focussing on built up areas near schools and children’s play areas - started after complaints from residents about speeding vehicles

Police have used the 
SID at 24 sites around 
the area – this records speeds and shows officers where the problem places are.

Officers have then held enforcement days, using speed guns, in the worst 15 spots.

These have been held all over Caistor NPT’s area – including places like Keelby and Bigby.

Several enforcement days have also been held at problem areas in Market Rasen, like Gallamore Lane.

PCSO Neil Harrison – one of the officers running the campaign – said: 
“We all know that if you 
hit a child at 30, the
survival rate is far greater than if you hit a child at 40 or 50mph.

“The majority of sites we’ve targeted are in built up areas where there are children around.

“It’s running really well, it’s one of the best things we’ve done - it’s produced great results.”

PCSO Harrison said 
residents have reported 
drivers are slowing down because they know they might be caught if they speed.