Crime figures in Brigg continue to fall

Brigg Police Stauion which faces a different use in the future EMN-150320-083957001
Brigg Police Stauion which faces a different use in the future EMN-150320-083957001

Figures released by Humberside Police to Brigg Town Council show 25 crimes were recorded in the Brigg and Wolds Ward in January, of which 18 were in Brigg town; the average monthly total over a year is around 43.

Across the area there were six incidents of theft and six of burglary, though none of these involved a residential dwelling. There were six incidents of assault, but none involved criminal damage.

The greater proportion of the work of the Neighbourhood Police team relates to public and individual needs and concerns not directly crime related.

In the town itself there were in January 69 incidents of individual and community concerns police were aware of. These included 17 traffic related matters and nine incidents where there was concern for the safety of individuals.

The villages around Brigg also reported relatively low levels of recorded crime.

In Wrawby the only recorded crime was a robbery, though there were 15 other occasions when police were called, nine being traffic related issues.

Barnetby had five recorded crimes, though one of these was a police arrest of a person having possession of a controlled drug, which took place on the motorway and not in the village.

The M180 and A15 impacted on figures for Elsham with eight traffic incidents reported on these two motorway standard roads which pass through the Elsham parish boundary.

Across the three wards of the Brigg District police were called to nine sudden deaths in January; a routine procedure and in no case was there anything suspicious. However it is rare to see more than one or two a month.