Councillors’ concerns over new policing

Brigg Police Stauion which faces a different use in the future EMN-150128-081511001
Brigg Police Stauion which faces a different use in the future EMN-150128-081511001

It’s about a new modern police service and Brigg will have to adapt to that was the message from the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner.

Matthew Grove was speaking to Brigg Town Council at the monthly meeting about changes in policing; with the new system starting in April.

“This is a huge change in the way we will deliver policing,” said Mr Grove.

“Changing shifts and systems will get officers out every day, it will increase the visible presence of the police.

“The Chief Constable is to enhance neighbourhood policing”.

He confirmed Brigg Police Station is not going to close and the counter will remain open.

One real positive was under the new system every ward in the area will get a detective in a new initiative.

“The police station will still be manned by two PCSOs but officers will be out and about,” added Mr Grove.

“I understand the issue of police stations is contentious but buildings are not the vital issue, the presence of police officers is.”

But Coun Mike Campion had concerns: “The general feeling in Brigg is that they want neighbourhood policing based in this town not policing from Scunthorpe or Barton.

“If they are in Barton they will be 20 minutes getting to an incident in Brigg. This does not reassure people.”

Coun Campion described Brigg Police Station as an excellent building that was set to become an office.

Mr Grove responded by stating officers in there would be involved in the protection of vulnerable people – a specialist and important use.

Mr Grove added under the new service at some point in the future it may be police could be seen and contacted by the public in a public place such as a library.

And he promised council to return and speak to them after the new system has been in place - returning in 12 months time or even earlier.

Meanwhile the jury remains out among town councillors as to whether the new system will in fact mean a more visible police presence with quick response times to incidents.