Councillors call for more policing in town

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Market Rasen town councillors are calling on the chiefs of Lincolnshire Police to come to the town and address public fears about crime levels.

At their meeting last week members echoed the concerns raised by members of the 
public in the Rasen Mail recently, that the town is not properly policed and that there have been a spate of violent incidents.

Mayor Steve Bunney said: “I fear the public feels there is 
a lack of policing and Friday 
and Saturday nights there seems to be an incident every weekend.

“I feel as the town council we should be looking to support the town.

“These things are going on 
in our town, someone was telling me about a rise in vandalism the other day, whether that is true I do not know, but the perception is that it is true.

“I have seen some PCSOs 
but not an actual officer in 
some time.

“I certainly believe the town is not policed in the way the residents would like to see it policed.”

A meeting of the police panel, a gathering of local officers and councillors, is supposed to be held regularly, but councillors heard one had not taken place since the summer.

Coun David Strachan said: “To have a meeting once in 
a blue moon, it’s not good enough.

“I would like to suggest we get in touch with Lincolnshire Police and invite an inspector to town at their convenience, after all, we pay for it.

“We need to tell them what we want, this is important.”

Coun John Hadlow urged his fellow councillors to try 
and make the police panel work and to liaise with the town’s PCSOs, but others 
felt immediate action was needed.

Coun Martin Harvey said: “PCSOs are a waste of space, you have got as much power as they have,

“we should ask someone with some power to come speak to us. When was the last time the police panel met, it has got to be six to eight months.”

Coun Jayne Sankey, who is also landlady of The Chase pub, added: “We have Pubwatch 
this week. We are very lucky to see a PCSO once every six months and we discuss all the incidents that take place in the pubs.”

Members resolved to contact the town’s PCSOs to try and convene a meeting of the police panel, but also for the town clerk to write to Lincolnshire Police headquarters to 
ask for an inspector to attend the march meeting of the council.