Charity box thieves are ‘low life scum’

Charity box theft
Charity box theft

Thoughtless thieves have stolen two charity boxes in an overnight raid on a countryside store - and left everything else untouched.

The “low lifes” forced their way in to Cooper’s Countryside Choice 
animal feed store in 
Bleasby Moor and took a Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance box and one containing money for Cancer Research UK.

Cooper’s Countryside Choice owner Sue Cooper had wanted to raise 
money for Cancer Research after her father died of the disease.

The air ambulance box was full to the top. Sue said she was left feeling “numb” and her husband Dick is “disgusted” with the “low lifes”.

Dick said: “These sort of people, know that’s wrong.

“These vermin took monies that were given by very kind customers to help very 
worthy causes and these vermin think it’s alright to break into someone’s property and just take whatever they think just to settle their own needs.

“I just hope they really feel proud of themselves.

“They are nothing 
but scum. They are lower 
than a snake’s belly and you can’t get much lower than that.”

Sue found the containers dumped in a field next to the store.

They had been emptied - and Sue reckons the culprits got away with about £50.

Sue said: “In a small place like Market Rasen you wouldn’t think this would happen but it does.”

Sue and Dick have since stepped up security and no longer leave money in the store overnight.

Two other containers containing a small amount 
of money from local 
suppliers’ honey and plant sales were also taken in the raid, which happened overnight between April 22 and 23.

Lincolnshire Police 
have taken fingerprints 
from the scene and are appealing for information. Call 101 and quote incident 69 of April 23.