Caistor credit card fraudsters in court


A 51-year-old Caistor woman committed a series of bank and credit court frauds with a 17-year-old accomplice, Lincoln Magistrates Court heard.

Georgina Chairmaine Sweeney of Westbrook Grove admitted three fraud offences, as did the teenage girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The court heard the pair jointly made a false representation by presenting an Argos credit card belonging to Jane Kelsall and purchased an iPad and jewellery, while claiming to be Jane Kelsall, on December 27 2013 at Argos.

The pair also similarly used an HSBC card belonging to be Jane Kelsall and claimed to be her, to buy £136.30 of groceries from Tesco supermarket on the very same day.

Finally, on December 28, the pair both made a false representation with an HSBC card belonging to Jane Kelsall, claiming to be her, to obtain groceries worth £274.04 from Asda.

The June 12 court imposed a community order on Sweeney, including a six month curfew, ordering her to remain at her address during 7pm-7am daily until December 13 and to pay the supermarkets £410.34 compensation.

The teenager was referred to Lincolnshire Youth Offender Panel for nine months.