Bust businessman gets £20k fine for mishandling asbestos

A LISSINGTON businessman has been fined £20,000 for asbestos offences.

Waste transfer station 
owner Clifford Page pleaded guilty to accepting waste 
asbestos in breach of a condition of his permit, storing and transporting the asbestos in an unsafe way.

Magistrates at Lincoln 
were told Page accepted waste asbestos from five different sources onto his site at 
Lissinglea House Farm, Lissington, Lincoln, in the summer of 2011.

Last September, two Environment Agency officers found two open skips containing asbestos at the Lissington site.

The skips contained a mixture of white, blue and brown asbestos and were stored one on top of the other.

The top skip was not covered properly and asbestos in the lower skip was broken, risking the release of fibres, and the officers raised concerns with an employee about the unpermitted asbestos storage.

Later in September 2011, Page bulked up the asbestos 
into one large skip and took 
it to a legitimate asbestos landfill.

Mrs Anne-Lise McDonald told the court asbestos should 
be sealed in plastic and 
stored and transported in a closed skip.

She also said CCTV footage at the landfill showed the 
asbestos was transported 
uncovered and the 
accompanying paperwork was “muddled”.

Page admitted putting the two skips together at his waste transfer site, but thought the top skip effectively covered the bottom one.

Mr Mark McNeil said in mitigation Page had not intended to cause damage to the environment.

Page, whose company Pages Skip Hire Ltd went into liquidation earlier this month, was also ordered to pay full prosecution costs of £5,270.