BREAKING: Market Rasen curry house loses license over illegal workers

The Gate of India in Market Rasen EMN-140623-183519001
The Gate of India in Market Rasen EMN-140623-183519001

Market Rasen’s popular and award-winning curry house, the Gate of India, faces a bleak future after it lost its license.

West Lindsey Councillors met behind closed doors yesterday, Wednesday June 25, and revoked the premises license after it was found to be employing illegal immigrants.

The licence review hearing heard evidence from the Lincolnshire Police Alcohol Licensing Department concerning the raid of April 24, which involved the police, immigration and HMRC.

A police statement issued today said: “Acting on intelligence received, officers attended and three of the seven workers at the venue were found to be illegal immigrants, who were arrested by the Immigration Officers.

“The committee agreed with police that the restaurant was undermining the Licensing Objectives in relation to the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.”

Sergeant 1040 Kimble Enderby said: “These joint agency operations are all intelligence-led, involving premises where we have received information that persons are being illegally employed at the venue.

“Lincolnshire Police Alcohol Licensing is committed to the investigation, detection and prevention of all offences associated with or around licensed premises. This includes illegally employing workers, human trafficking and exploitation of persons, as well as ensuring the safety of members of our communities using these venues.

“We would actively encourage persons to come forward with this information either by contacting the police direct or ringing Crime Stoppers.”

Police do not have the power to shut premises altogether, but losing the ability to sell alcohol could seal the fate of the restaurant in King Street.

Before the decision was announced, Ronald Meah, manager and son of license holder Sanu Meah, told the Rasen Mail: “If we do lose our license, we will end up closing down.”

He also pledged to fight the decision.

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