Body worn video cameras issued to all front line police officers in Lincolnshire

Sgt Gareth Boxall, wearing one of the video cameras. EMN-160926-153732001
Sgt Gareth Boxall, wearing one of the video cameras. EMN-160926-153732001

Lincolnshire Police have announced they have now issued body worn video cameras to all operational police officers across the county.

Partly funded by a Home Office innovation fund, 500 cameras have been purchased for use by all front line officers.

The cameras are mounted on the front of officers’ uniforms and while they do not permanently record, they can be switched on by officers in line with force guidelines in situations when it is ‘proportionate, necessary and legitimate to do so’.

According to the Force, footage recorded on the body worn device is encrypted to ensure full security of the data and is transferred to the police system on that officer’s return to the station. If the footage captured does not form evidence in an investigation, it will be automatically deleted after 31 days. If it is required to be kept for evidence, it is kept securely in accordance with existing rules on the Management of Police Information.

Leading on the project, Sergeant Gareth Boxall, said: “We are committed to fighting crime using the best technology available. The footage obtained from these cameras will provide objective and irrefutable evidence which can be used at any later court hearing or trial. Evidence obtained gives an immediate and exact account of a crime in action or can show the demeanour of suspects and victims such as their level of aggression or emotion.

“The use of the cameras also helps us to be accountable and transparent to the communities we serve. Interaction during incidents, and subsequent action taken, can be recorded in context and easily reviewed. Feedback from the public and from officers has been very positive.”

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