‘Assaults are isolated and not a new trend’

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Police in Market Rasen have acted to reassure residents that a number of recent violent assaults are “isolated incidents” and not a trend.

The town’s Neighbourhood Policing Team met with concerned residents last week to address concerns following a number of fights and attacks over previous weekends.

But officers said the recent late night and early morning problems do not represent a rise in crime in the area.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “All officers can say is these are isolated incidents.

“A number have been drink related or related to night-time industry, they are not part of a growing trend or a rise in crime.”

This will be little comfort to Pamela Taylor, the mother of Raymond ‘Razz’ Davidson, who, as reported in the Rasen Mail was seriously assaulted in Rasen Pizza House in the early hours of Sunday January 19.

Police have still not made any arrests related to this incident.

She said: “It is disgusting these things go on these days. To bang the door on his leg. It does not matter what anybody does, there’s no need for someone to attack someone like this, it’s absolutely shocking.

“The family are appalled it has happened.”

His mother said doctors had to put a plate in Raymond’s left leg above his ankle, which is held in place with screws. He also had 34 staples inserted into his shin and ankle area following the assault.

She added: “his foot was hanging on the side because it had been displaced.

“They have let him home now, but he is having injections for the next six weeks and he’s also on strong painkillers.

“He tries to keep his spirits up but he is very sleepy. It will take some time to get better and he’s also said he has not got any feeling in the foot.”

Following the Rasen Mail’s article last week residents took to our Facebook page to discuss whether crime was rising in Market Rasen.

Kerry-ann Horsfall said: “Crime is on the rise, but I’m sure police figures say it is not due to no-one ever pressing charges.

“The crimes are committed, but if people won’t make a statement through fear of facing the criminals then the figures say the crime didn’t happen, a vicious circle.

“But people need to feel safe enough to press charges if they are the victims, but it’s a small town so its a catch 22.”

Danielle Curzon said she had had her car vandalised on a number of occasions and incidents on Friday and Saturday night along Willingham Road were common place when the pubs stopped serving.

She added: “Anti Social behaviour is definitely on the increase 150%, it’s absolutely awful. Why do we pay our council tax to the police when we are not getting the service.”

But resident Daniel Norburn has a different view. He said: “The amount of crime hasn’t changed, just the locals 
have had enough of the same set of people causing trouble and therefore reporting it 
and spreading the word 
that they will no longer tolerate it.”

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