Animal offences

A MAN has been jailed for six months after pleading guilty at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court to 42 animal-related offences.

Andrew Wells, of Pepperdale Farm in Brandy Wharf, admitted three counts of failing to make sure a pig pen was clean and comfortable, two charges of not making sure pigs had continuous access to drinking water, one charge of failing to provide a suitable environment for pigs and a single charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a pig by failing to provide appropriate care and attention.

Wells pleaded guilty to failing to make sure a pig was fed a wholesome diet appropriate to its age and sufficient in quality to maintain it in good health, to satisfy its nutritional needs and promote a positive state of well-being, as well as five charges of failing to make sure the needs of a pig were met.

He also failed to make sure cattle had access to a dry living area and access to fresh drinking water each day and did not provide a suitable environment for bovine.

Wells admitted 12 counts of not disposing of animal carcasses properly as well as two allegations he did not notify the Secretary of State of the birth of bovine and two counts of failing to complete a register recording the births.

He twice failed to let the Secretary of State know about the death of bovine and twice failed to complete a register recording their deaths.

On three occasions Wells failed to make a record of a pig being moved onto a farm and also failed to alert the authority within three days.