Council joins campaign to tackle benefit fraud

Coun Owen Bierley EMN-141003-160212004
Coun Owen Bierley EMN-141003-160212004

A campaign has been launched by councils across Lincolnshire in an attempt to crack down on housing benefit fraud and error.

West Lindsey District Council has joined Lincolnshire’s other councils to launch ‘Tell Us’.

WLDC prosperous communities committee chairman Owen Bierley said: “Anyone who claims Housing Benefit and has had a change in their circumstances that might affect the amount of benefit they receive should contact their local district or borough council immediately.

“Most residents will be claiming the correct amount, and therefore do not need to worry.

“However it is an offence not to declare changes in circumstances, and anyone found to be in receipt of Housing Benefit that they are not entitled to may have to pay back the money and could face court action or financial penalty.

“Tell Us. We want to help claimants avoid being in such a position.”

Call West Lindsey District Council on 01427 676565.